Gardening Resolutions

Think about last years garden. What worked well and what didn't? Do you want to try new things? Now's the time to make a list of what you want to work on. Whether it's new practices, new varieties, or new ideas, jot them all down! Here's my list of things I want to work on in my garden.

  1. Keep involving the kids in the garden.

  2. Keep those darn rabbits and deer away

  3. Enjoy the chaos the dog brings into the garden

  4. Try new vegetable and herb varieties (There's so many!)

  5. Spend more time enjoying the garden and less time enjoying the TV.

  6. Keep focusing on organic gardening practices.

  7. Plant more flowers.

  8. Spend more time outdoors with the family.

  9. Start a compost pile

  10. Make more pasta sauce with all the tomatoes.

What's your resolution list like? Share with us by commenting below!


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